Eski Foca - seen from the bay

Our mission at John's Flats is to provide you with a unique and unforgettable, customized vacation experience - with a surprising variety of accommodations to fit every type of traveller, from budget to luxury. Whether you are an independent explorer, or wish to be pampered in every way, we are able to offer a unique variety of differing holiday homes to choose from.

We started our business a quarter century ago, in 1992, and our purpose was always to offer guests from every walk of life and every corner of the world an unforgettable vacation. Because we have no full-time staff and middlemen (except in our Lavinya hotel), we keep our own costs low and can offer exceptional savings and low prices to our guests.

Every single flat, apartment, cottage and villa that we offer has outdoor space, whether a balcony or terrace. Every rental has fans, a full range of whiteware, including fridge-freezer and microwave ovens. Air-conditioning, satellite television and washing machines are standard in most of our units. Some of our properties have swimming pools, and an increasing number of properties also provide internet access.

But what is most unique about us is that we have never subscribed to a 'one size fits all' approach. Guests often marvel over our beds, which can be over 2 M in length. In the towns we use double-glazing in the bedrooms to muffle any street noise. Mosquito nets are fitted perfectly to the windows. For those craving the utmost in pampering, we are happy to arrange laundry, cleaning and meals to be delivered. For the ultimate in luxury, check our Lavinya hotel. Only five years old, it offers a gourmet restaurant, massage, manicure, pedicure, boat trips and tours along with luxury suites.

Our star system allows guests to select the price level they wish. High rates have been held to JUN - AUG. On the pages of the various properties you will find lots of details and images. We clean and thoroughly check each property before new guests arrive. We will greet you at the property or pick you up at the airport if you wish..

We are very proud of our steadily rising reputation and feel certain that, from the moment you enter your property, you are in good and comforting, caring hands.